First visit to China

Ive just finished a plate of curry from Taste of Nepal, drinking an imported beer and watching the Ashes final test. It is a typically chilly winters night in Adelaide and my thoughts are already wandering abroad. Im trying to imagine the blast of superheated humidity that engulfes as I step off the plane – but cannot. It’s one of those things that instantly takes your breathe away and resets your senses, telling you that your’e not in Kansas anymore (albeit sleepy Adelaide).

Im thinking of the images that I will capture, dreaming of the perfect shot that eludes me everytime. Maybe a shot that comes 3/4 close will do. The search for the shot that will define my trip and try wainfully to encapsulate 13 days of travel into one 5200×3000 pixel frame. But a difference on this trip, may not the pixels, but the emulsion that secures the gold. For my first stop will be the Lomography store on Hong Kong Island to purchase the finest piece of plastic lens goodness that $120AUD can buy. So it may well be, that my hero shot, could be lurking in a black plastic cylinder, traveling across the pacific ready to be bathed by the crew at Duck Pond.

One can never know and that is part of the thrill of travelling abroad. Bags packed, gear checked thrice over and a taste for adventure that is nipping at my heels.

Oh and did I mention this is a holiday – I sometimes forget! Traveling with me this time around isnt a client, not a smoking sound recordist and a not hyperactive cameraman. This time Im traveling with my sweetheart Tory. Tory who can understand most languages in a annoyingly confident fashion but has failed to master Mandarin. So with that being said future blog posts with feature Chinese Steve – our trusty English speaking photography guide. And I can only imagine the future posts concerning this possible piece of hilarity.

Until then, talk soon.